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Vermont Wine Made from Honey

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Our Wines


All of our mead is Gluten Free!


Traditional Mead - AVAILABLE NOW

This golden wine accents the floral aromas of Vermont wildflower honey. Our Traditional Mead is crisp, light and refreshing, and can be served as an aperitif, a dessert wine, or with an artisanal cheese plate. This is nature's bounty captured in a bottle!

Sparkling Mead - AVAILABLE NOW

We take Vermont wildflower honey and Vermont Cranberry Company's locally grown berries, put them together, and add some sparkling bubbles to offer you our crisp and refreshing Sparkling Cranberry Mead. Serve chilled and enjoy!

Sparkling Cyser - Honey and Apples - AVAILABLE NOW

This is the granddaddy of bubbly ciders because of one special ingredient - pure, raw Vermont honey. Full of apples and backed with a wildflower kiss, our bubbly Cyser is fun and pure and is a fantastic showcase of Green Mountain flavor. Serve chilled and enjoy immediately upon opening.


The Mead of Inspiration is reputed to give poets their ability to understand the secrets of the world. Ours is brewed with pure Vermont honey and aged in American bourbon barrels. Sip and wax poetically.

Essence Mead - AVAILABLE NOW

We take Vermont’s purest honey and gently coax from it the very essence of flowers that flourish on the landscape of the Green Mountains. This crisp and light dry mead complements the discerning table. Pairs nicely with white meats and seafood. Essence Mead delivers all of the aromas and flavors that highlight the floral sources of the honey without the underlying sweetness.

Raspberry Mead - SOLD OUT

Raspberries are more mature, juicy and bold, bearing fruit later in the summer. Our Raspberry Mead will land on your palate with a splash of fruit that is crisp and refreshing. Pairs perfectly with chocolate, fresh green salad or grilled chicken. Serve at cellar temperature.

Blueberry Mead - AVAILABLE NOW

Blueberries contribute an amazing amount of character and depth to mead. The soft tannins and high acidity add a complexity that will enchant your taste buds. This vibrantly colored mead, made from five varieties of Vermont grown blueberries and pure, raw honey, pairs well with white meat, grilled vegetables or a fresh spinach salad.

Traditional Cyser - AVAILABLE NOW

We take crisp Vermont cider apples and sweet wildflower honey to make Traditional Cyser, which is neither mead nor cider, but a beautiful blend of the two. The initial burst of flavor reveals bright acidity of the apples followed by a lingering floral finish. Pairs with turkey or smoked meat or cheese.

Sparkling Cranberry Mead - AVAILABLE NOW

We've produced a lovely blend of Vermont wildflower honey and crimson cranberries in a bubbly honey wine that will delight your senses. Our Sparkling Cranberry Mead is bright, refreshing and crisp and should be served chilled. Pairs with turkey dishes or as an aperitif.

Chili Cinnamon Mead - AVAILABLE NOW

A little heat on the tongue goes a long way to balance the sweetness in this very special mead. This honey wine is the result of many test batches with combinations of spices, herbs and pretty much anything else we thought might work well. The result is slightly picante with a wonderful cinnamon finish. After taking the first sip, we said, “Wow! This one’s great!”.

Spiced Mead - SOLD OUT

We start with nature’s pure, sweet honey and combine it with vanilla, cloves, orange peel and nutmeg to bring you a delicious wine with gently balanced flavors that will warm you on cool afternoons. Imagine basking in the slanted rays of the sun, breathing crisp air and enjoying a sip of our Spiced Honey Wine. Give your spirit a lift.

Cranberry Mead - SOLD OUT

Our fresh cranberries are harvested from the acidic bogs peculiar to New England only after the first hard frost of late fall. A solid freeze sets their sweetness and deep crimson color. This infused honey wine will highlight that special harvest dinner as we give thanks for Mother Nature’s bounty.

Blackberry Mead - JUST BOTTLED!

They say that on Old Michaelman's Day the Devil put his foot on the blackberries. He must have visited the brambles before then, because they are a devil to pick! But perseverance and hard work imbue our Blackberry Mead with rich fruit, a vermilion hue and very fine tannins.

Seasonal Fruit Meads

The climate of Vermont is ideal for producing an abundance of fruit. Depending on the time of year, our orchards may be producing cherry, plum, pear, apricot or apple while our fields may offer blueberries, raspberries or blackberries. When picked at their apex of ripeness, these fruits transform mead to a truly unique wine that captures the very essence of the season.


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